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Mn Consortium - Goals

For those wishing to or already operating in Europe, REACH must/ Should be factored into your market strategy .
In order to comply with REACH requirements, you would need MARA.
The letter of access to REACH compliant data or a license to use the REACH compliant data in robust summary format and more can only be issued to you by MARA.

Our Objectives:

With the active involvement of its membership the Mn REACH Consortium aims to:

1. Evaluate existing data for relevant substances and highlight any data gaps/shortfalls.
2. Jointly agree and initiate any necessary testing programmes
3. Promote and manage the sharing of technical resources and knowledge
4. Share its knowledge and support its members with the appropriate training on REACH and CLP
5. Secure access to laboratory capacity and regulatory skills through agreements with contract testing service providers
6. Have the registration dossiers updated as the need arises
7. Support the nominated lead registrant(s) for the relevant substances 
8. Manage and coordinate the whole process in a structured and cost effective way to ensure each member fulfils their REACH obligations on time
9. Ensure that EU REACH is used for the compliance of other REACH-Like regulations

Compliance with REACH entails a wide range of responsibilities, liabilities, and costs. Individual organisations are unlikely to have the resources to fulfil REACH obligations in time by "going it alone.". REACH encourages collaboration between importers and manufacturers of the same substance in meeting their individual REACH responsibilities in a timely, efficient, and cost effective way. The formation of MARA was to serve as an effective forum within which to realise this ambition.

Detailed and Comprehensive studies of Inorganic Manganese Substances

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