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Sweden (Kemi) Concludes the fate of 10 manganese-based substances

Kemi recently published its Risk Management Option Analysis ("RMOA") Conclusion Document for 10 manganese compounds .

In essence,  Kemi concluded in the RMOA Conclusion Document that the following manganese substances -manganese, manganese oxide, manganese dioxide, trimanganese tetraoxide, manganese carbonate, manganese sulphate, manganese dinitrate, manganese dichlorate and manganese sulphate) and dimanganese trioxide should be subject to  CLH proposal(s) for STOT RE 1 (CNS), H370, and Repr. 2, H361fd.

Kemi further observes that:

  • Harmonised classification shall follow in accordance with Article 36(1)(d) of the CLP Regulation
  • SVHC identification (and subsequently authorisation) will only be possible based on STOT RE 1 in accordance with Article 57(f) REACH
  • Restriction could be considered in case an EU-wide risk is identified in accordance with Article 68(1) REACH

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