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The Manganese Consortium is working closely with consulting company Chemleg

to address all inorganic Manganese-based related data-sharing issues under

Turkey-REACH ( KKDID).

The CHEMLEG team has been working in the fields of Research & Development, Quality Control, Regulation and General Legislation Consultancy Departments in Chemical Sector for many years and is composed of staff who are open to innovation and learning. The team, consist of chemists specialized in their fields, associating the technical and legislative knowledge that they gained in a wide range of fields in the chemical sector, and have come together to provide services in the field of chemical legislation consultancy in the Chemical Sector under the name "CHEMLEG".

For more information on the registration of inorganic manganese substances under KKDID REACH please contact  Chemleg:

Phone: +90 216 706 1307

Email: info@chemleg.com

Address: Cevizli Mah. Bagdat Cad. No: 538 / 6 PC: 34846 Maltepe / IstanbuI / Turkey

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