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The regulation on Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures, which implements the Global Harmonisation System (GHS) in the EU, came into force in January 2009. The CLP regulation is updated regularly - Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP). These ATP's have the potential to trigger a classification and labelling revision.  

To assist in the harmonisation of notification, the Mn REACH Consortium has prepared the classification in accordance with the CLP regulation for manganese and other Mn-based substances. CLP proposals result from extensive review of existing literature,  justified read-across and/or testing performed under the consortium’s programme of work towards compliance with the EU’s REACH Regulation.

The substances and proposed CLP are detailed below:


Manganese  CLP Notification
Manganese Carbonate CLP Notification
Manganese Dioxide CLP Notification
Manganese Nitrate CLP Notification
Manganese Oxide CLP Notification
Manganese Sulphate CLP Notification
Manganese Sulphide CLP Notification
Manganese Dichloride CLP Notification
Sinter Ore CLP Notification
Slags ferromanganese-manufacturing CLP Notification
Slags silicomanganese-manufacturing CLP Notification
Trimanganese tetraoxide CLP Notification

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